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Recording engineering discussions. The place to discuss software, plugins, studio gear...
 #126  by Paul Laurençon
 Wed Jan 23, 2019 12:42 pm
Let me show you what kind of stuff I use for my productions :

I began with a basic computer with windows, 4GB RAM, and some basic stuff. Years later, I recognize that 4GB RAM is not enough when I use a lot of VST plugins, samples library etc... So I decided to get 10GB RAM minimum.

4GB RAM is okay to record cool things, but you have to export in audio every MIDI instrument which take too much resources. Otherwise, you’re going to have problems with cracking, slowing down. To have more resources during mixing, you can increase the buffer on your audio interface to have fewer cracking problems. But latency will increase and you will get too much latency to recording.

About audio interface, I began with a m-audio fast track pro. But this interface don't have cool preamps and it is difficult to use without crackling things or "no audio problems"...

Finally I bought a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, it costs the same price now, and it is a lot easier and better to use it :)

I bought this 2 input interface because it's possible to need to record with two mics like stereo acoustic guitar recording, guitar + voice, etc...

With this audio interface, I can do everything that I need except drum recording. I really recommend this stuff.

I also use monitors : M-AUDIO BX5a

That's not the best monitors but with this equipement I can listen my production in neutral conditions. It's very important to get monitors or studio headphone to help to mix your music.

If you use Hi-fi or something wich is not specific for studio, you will mix you music with speakers which already have frequency boosts. So when you listen your music in other speakers, in your car etc... Your mix will be totally different.

So get neutral studio equipment.

I also have studio headphone : Beyerdynamics DT 990 Pro

Pretty great headphone for mixing, I also noticed that Audio Technica are very cool too.

And for recording my guitars, I use VST plugins. It depend of what kind of genre I do.

If I do Metal recording, I use ToneForge plugins or PODFarm.

PODFarm plugin is great for every kind of style.

When I want to recording acoustic guitar or classical, or voices, I use differents mics.

For voices I recommend you to take look at the Audio Technica AT2020 (not the usb version) wich is very cool for the price (around 100$).

The Shure SM7B is also an awesome mic but it's more expensive...

With these mics, I can also record acoustic, classical guitar. That's surely not the best one for this job, but for me it works well !

About the recording software (DAW), I use Studio One because it is very cool for musician or producer.

I think this DAW is better than Cubase (I used Cubase during many years) because he is simplier to use it and less expensive.

There are many nice options to help musician to compose, mixing etc... Very nice !

You can find it for around 350$ for the PRO version and 100$ for the Artist version. You can begin with artist version and upgrad later ;)


That's for my quick Studio presentation :)

If you have any questions, let me know !